Albany to Denmark to Walpole

Hello Everybody, we left Albany today to move further west around the southern coast of WA. We spent a few hours in Denmark. A beautiful picturesque town set on a hillside overlooking the river. Denmark is a coastal town located on Wilson Inlet in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, 423 kilometres south-south-east of the state capital of Perth.

After lunch from the yummy bakery we went to see where the river meets the sea. There is a caravan park at this site and lots of bird life and fishing opportunities

We then made our way to Walpole where we will be spending the next 4 nights. It is about 66 Kms from Denmark. Along the route from Denmark to Walpole we noticed lots of local food produce places that we intend to visit. Cheese, Wine, Chocolate, Berries, ice cream, toffee and the list goes on. Good thing we intend to do lots of walking. Below are a couple of photos I took along the way of Green Pools, a very popular beach in the summer. You can’t see it in these photos but the water is so clear but with a green tinge and the pool is surrounded by rocks. There is also a photo of our campsite.

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