We’re Back

Hello Everybody, I have been without signal so could not post anything. Here is a little catch up of what we been up to.

THE NULLARBOR – (means ‘no trees’ in Latin)

On Sunday (Happy belated Father’s Day to all the Dads) we left Ceduna bright and early for the Nullarbor. Last night Chris’s sister Karen and her husband Tony, joined us at Ceduna for a few weeks holiday to the west. So bright and early we left to start our trek across the bight and the Nullarbor, first port of call was the ‘Head of the Bight’ to see the whales. This is about 294 Kms from Ceduna. Once we reached the Bight we were lucky enough to find lots of whales and their calves. I was really pleased we were able to these beautiful creatures lulling about in the ocean.

After lunch we continued on our way looking for our campsite for the night. The Bunda cliffs. Well that didn’t quite work as we could not find the turn off. (we have since talked to some other travellers and now know where to find the road) Anyway we kept driving until we found another free camp which was also on the cliff tops about 25kms east of the border village. It was a beautiful spot and the night was clear and still. We enjoyed the starlit sky and peacefulness of the camp.

At least until the wind picked up in the middle of the night and I thought the caravan might get blow off the top and roll down the hill. Ahhhh!

Eucla (Monday 2nd Sept )

After crossing through the border village and border control checking our van and car for fruit and veg. We are in Western Australia. We have just gained an hour and a half in time. Fuel as the border was $2.07 per litre so we gave that a miss and headed for Eucla where is it was $1.84 per litre. Still expensive but better. Eucla is really just a motel, fuel station and roadhouse. There are a few of these kinds of stops across the Nullarbor to help everyone get across this vast distance of 1256 Kms.

From Eucla we continued across the Nullarbor with me at the wheel for the first time towing this caravan. A bit daunting at first but I didn’t mind once we got going and the road was straight and flat making it easier. On our way we saw a couple of emus and kangaroos. We also saw some beautiful wedge tailed eagles flying above the road. We were using our hand-held walkie talkies and talking to Karen and Tony about not seeing any camels. A truckie joined in the conversation and said, “he has been on this road lots and times and never seen any bloody camels”. He then told us about the two wedgies at Cocklebiddy which was our next stop. They had been rescued and were now kept in a big Avery out the back of the roadhouse.

Not the best photo, but you get the idea.

We decided to free camp again just outside of Balladonia ( 192 Kms east of Norseman) All up there were about 9 vans all parked here and one couple camping here, we had first met at Whyalla a couple of weeks ago. They came on the ship tour with us that I blogged about. Tony and Karen bush walking and our camp below.

Below is a video of going across the Nullarbor.

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